What is eBay?

Ebay is an American e-commerce corporation with headquarters in San Jose, California. It was founded in 1995 and as of 2020 has a revenue of 10.27 billion USD. Ebay is a large company, listed on the NASDAQ, on their platform sellers can sell practically anything, from shoes, cars, to wristwatches. Although wristwatches is not eBay's main focus, many of the best dealers in the luxury watch trade list on eBay.

Is eBay Safe to Buy From?

Ebay is a platform to sell on, there are dealers and private individuals who both sell on there. There are options to filter and only show dealers, or those with "eBay Stores". Historically, eBay was like the Wild West, a dealer or individual could post a picture and claim to have the item in possession, then ship you an empty FedEx box. While eBay would step in and take measures to prevent the fraudulant actions, it was up to the buyer to prove their case, it was tough.

However, on September 8th of 2020, eBay launched it's "Authenticity Guarantee", at that point, any watch sold for $2,000 or more would be sent to an independent third party for verification. Prior to this offer, I would not have recommended buying from eBay - unless, you know the Seller very well, the process was a hassle if you were tricked, too many fake accounts were made to offer "great deals".

Today, as of 2022, I would recommend purchasing from eBay any watch over $2,000. When the watch is purchased, the seller will ship it to the 3rd party via en eBay provided label. Is the 3rd party great? Well, we have had hits or misses, 95%+ of our watches will pass with flying colors, the few times we had issues, they were minor and resolved quickly. Some dealers have gotten quite upset with the 3rd party authenticator for the claims they have made on their products, we have not had those issues yet, thankfully.

Now, keep in mind, the Authenticity Guarantee automatically applies to watches over $2,000. Watches below that are not yet covered by default, it looks like the program will begin to offer it at a fee. If you are interested in buying from eBay, here are 4 tips I would recommend:

1. Check the listing's pictures.
All pictures should be taken in the same format or a common flow. If they are not, the seller could be using other dealers / privates pictures. To test, you can ask for a Video call, to see them holding the watch in hand. Similar troubles exist in Chrono24 of dealers using others pictures.

2. Look for positive feedback.
Ideally the seller should have 4 stars or more, the closer to 5 stars the better. These are verified sales by eBay, eBay will ensure that the sales actually took place.

3. Payment method.
Use the eBay provided payment method described, this allows for an extra layer of security. Also, pay with your Credit Card for one more optional layer of security.

4. Use the Authenticty Guarantee.
At one point, I predict that the Authenticty Guarantee may be optional and eBay would set it as flat fee or variable fee. It is worth the investment for the peace of mind, a 3rd party will verify that the listing is what it claims to be. Now, if you find a dealer you trust and they are an expert in their field? Avoid it and save money but let that be the exception and not the norm.

Can I Buy from Watchstox on eBay?

Yes, you can buy from Watchstox on eBay. We understand that eBay is a trusted platform and collectors may prefer to use eBay for convenience. We do pay additional platform fees when processing transactions through a 3rd party platform, so the price may increase slightly. We have been a Trusted Seller since 2008 on eBay. We truly enjoy the platform and have met many clients and friends through there. We are here to be convenient for you.

Our eBay Seller Store

Below is a screenshot of our dealer store inside of eBay, please feel free to take a look.


Our Ebay Reviews

Below are recent eBay Buyer Reviews we have received for successful sales. We strive to offer 5-Star Service on Accurate Description, Reasonable shipping cost, Shipping speed and communication. Notes on our efforts and practices:

1. Accurate description:
We do our best to accurately describe our watches, we ask you to please look carefully at all 10 images provided as part of the description. If you'd like, we can send additional pictures or videos, please let us know if you would like them.

2. Reasonable shipping cost:
We include Free FedEx overnight shipping with all of our purchases.

3. Shipping speed:
With FedEx overnight delivery, we could expect the package to arrive at the Authenticator the next day, how long it takes them to inspect and ship is unfortunately out of our control. We do make best effort to get it out to them in a timely manner, so you can receive your wristwatch as soon as possible.

4. Communication:
During business hours, we do our best to reply within 1-2 hours that a request has been made. After business hours, we try to respond when we open the store, the next business day.