What Is A Falcon Eye Rolex? | Watches & Wonder 2022

4th Apr 2022

What Is A Falcon Eye Rolex? | Watches & Wonder 2022

The Rolex Falcon Eye dial from Watches and Wonder 2022. This is the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 reference 226659 with a new dial, never before seen in a Rolex line, the Falcon Eye.

Rolex Falcon Eye Dial

This is a Tiger Eye stone dial variant with blue and green hues. The retail is $32,250, compared to the normal black dial with a retail of $29,650 this reference has a premium of $2,600.

As the Rolex market continues its upwards trajectory, the vintage market in Stone dials is seeing a large push, especially those with original paperwork. Most of these vintage models are in 36mm variations, too small for my wrist. Here is a fantastic example of a Soldalite stone & diamond dial sold by Sotheby's on March 8th, 2022. 

Sotheby's Rolex Sodalite

This Sodalite dial sold for $16,380 with it's box, papers, original outer packaging and even hang tag. Finding complete pieces like this sure is rare but keep in mind that the average 16234 trades for $6,000 in good condition, that shows a $10,380 premium for the dial! Incredible.

Well, the Yacht-Master 42mm now has a stone dial that I am eager to see in person, to truly capture the look of it. If anyone has 16234 with attractive stone dials for sale, please contact us! 

Thank you for your time.